Wood panelling - production and sale





The wood panelling includes Tatra profile, classic tongue-and-groove panelling, floor panelling, rustic profile and cowboy profile. Here you can find all types of wood panelling in various designs of native woods, various widths and you can alsochoose the quality of wood panelling. 


Our panelling made of wood is in high quality and well-priced. We can even providedelivery.  We also provide counselling so we will help you choose the suitable wood panellingin the interior or exterior. As we offer well-made profiles, we guarantee low paint consumption at post-treatment.


Tongue-and-groove profile or the classic Tatra profile are used mainly in panelling walls, houses or cottages. Rustic profile, which stands out beautifully and gives the building a natural look, is used very often. Flooring is mainly used for wooden floors. 


We offer you the possibilityto buy the underlying timber for mounting panelling or floorings. Prices and dimensions as required. 


Wood panelling - DE LUMAX offers:

  • Tatra profile
  • Classic panelling (tongue-and-groove profile)
  • Flooring
  • Rustic profile
  • Cowboy profile



Delivery: can be provided


Quality classes: A/B, C 


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