Joinery timber – production and sale





Our company is engaged in the production and sale of joinery timber. Timber for joiners is made of wood from commonly available native woods. In case you look for timber from foreign woods, please contact us. We have certified drying kiln according to the certificate no. OP/1243/02/2014 and we provide customized joinerytimber according to customer requirements.


Joinery timber is used as raw material for classic or massive furniture. It must be well dried because it influences the quality of woodwork, and subsequently, the quality of the product. 


Types of joinery timber offered by DE LUMAX:

  • Raw
  • Dried
  • Planed
  • Unplaned
  • Edged
  • Unedged



Types of wood for joinery timber:

  • Beech timber
  • Oak timber
  • Spruce timber
  • Rec spruce timber
  • Pine timber
  • Ash timber
  • Maple timber
  • Cherry timber
  • Linden timber



Prices of dry joinery timber (click)

Prices of wet joinery timber (click)