Beech and spruce firewood





Firewood is becoming quite frequent source of heat in our households. Wood heating is a relatively inexpensive way of obtaining heat, and therefore our offer includes firewood. Firewood is cut to 33 cm, chopped and stored on pallets. On request we can supply other lengths of firewood. The most common demand is for firewood from spruce and beech. 


Check our prices for firewood:


Solid fuel - Beech: 40 € (pallet) – 0,9 Stcm
Soft fuel - Spruce: 28 € (pallet) - 0,9 Stcm


  • Other fuellengths are available upon request.
  • Upon purchasing 10 pallets of fuel, one pallet of soft fuel for free
  • Delivery and unloading up to 20 km free of charge.
  • Pallets are non-refundable and not accounted for in the price of fuel. 



Beech and spruce briquettes RUF EXTRA HARD TOP QUALITY:


1 kg 2 €
1000 kg 160 €