Sale of construction timberDry and wet joinery timberFirewood also availablePrisms KVH NSi and DUO NSi
Sale of construction timber
Dry and wet joinery timber
Firewood also available
Prisms KVH NSi and DUO NSi

DE LUMAX – Wood processing and sale of wood


Our company is engaged in wood processing and sale of wood in various types of design. The wide range includes raw wood, joinery timber, construction timber, firewood and wood used for panelling.The quality of our wood offers guarantee of easy post-processing as well as good durability.


Our wood comes from organic area of ​​the White Carpathian Mountains and Strážov mountains in the Middle Považie. The shipping point is the site of ZŤS premises Dubnica nad Váhom, situated 3 km from the motorway feeder road Dubnica nad Váhom and 35 km from the border crossing between Slovakia and the Czech Republic Drietoma - Old Hrozenkov. We perform cutting timber and wood using our own chainsaw in the place of dispatch with capacity of 1500 m / month. Drying kiln has a capacity of 70 m. Supplied timber is shipped in quality according to the agreement with the customer. We can produce and supply standard but also above standard dimensions.


Most commonly we process timber from native woods such as beech, oak, spruce, red spruce, pine, fir, ash, cherry or maple. You will find here a wide range of construction timber, dry, raw, planed, but also unplaned timber. Dry timber with moisture of 8-10%, wet timber used for processing in furniture production and joinery are offered in various types and designs. The bidding range of products includes prisms, small prisms, dimension timber according to the order, and profiles of various sizesprocessed with pentalateral cutter. We also provide our customer with delivery.


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