Construction timber - cutting, sale





An important part of every building is a solid and high quality construction timber. Our company can help provide not only the sale of timber but also its production. We will prepare tailored timber and ensure its import as well. We transport timber on our own cars with mechanical arms, Iveco and Renault.


We produce construction timber for roof trusses, wooden houses, sheds, summer houses, fences and timber for further processing. Timber is made on band saws Mebor which are regularly serviced. 


More information on construction timber:


Construction timber processing:

  • Dried, Undried, Planed, Edged, Unedged.


Types of construction timber:

  • Prisms, Planks, Roof slats, Decking boards, Sheathing boards, Laminated beams and timber as required (customized). 


We offer:

  • Spruce timber, Red spruce timber, Pine timber, Oak timber, Beech timber, Fir timber. 


Quality of timber:

  • Certificate of conformity of production control system CRP 1301 - 1032. 



  • Free of charge.


Type of timber impregnation:  

  • Lignofix P, new wood protection –roof trusses and construction timber
  • Water resistance: partly leachable.
  • Type designation: FB, P, Ip, 1, 2, 3, SP.
  • Ingredients: boric acid, quaternary ammonium salt.
  • The effectiveness against the timber boring insects in this product corresponds to CSN EN 46.
  • Range of use: Universal concentrated fungicide and insecticide product designed for industrial use in steeping facilities for long-term surface protection of new uncontested wood (especially trusses, wooden construction elements and wooden structures) against timber boring insects (e.g. woodworm longhorn beetle), wood-destroying fungi (e.g. dry rot), mould in internal and external applications. It serves as a preventive protection of masonry and plasters against the overgrowth of wood-destroying fungi. 


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